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Themed Monorail

Travelling by monorail is an exciting and magical experience and is the perfect solution where space is at a premium. Instead of a ground track, the monorail runs on elevated track positioned on vertical columns.

Severn Lamb offers a unique service to theme their monorails to meet client design requirements; for instance a monorail that's a snowman, a rocket or a line of sweets, we can design and manufacture it. With Severn Lamb fantasy and technology combine to deliver journeys of imagination.


All our monorails are based on standard proven power trains ensuring reliability, safety and longevity. Outline specifications include:

Power: Diesel, Petrol or Electric
Capacity: 2 to 24
Max Gradient: 6%
Min Radius: 10m (32ft)
Guideway: Steel rail
Construction: Steel chassis with themed GRP body

Each monorail system is custom built using our range of proven designs and components, and we have the experience and expertise, to produce precisely what our customers require.

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