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This massive Locomotive, weighing more than 50,000lbs (23,000kgs) in its live steam version.

It has the power to haul as many as 320 guests in four coaches on a flat track. Severn Lamb has captured in this authentic replica the essential essence of the Old West. Available in steam or diesel versions, a number of detail customising options are offered, making each locomotive truly unique. Coaches are of traditional timber design and constructed in reinforced polyester on steel frames for longevity and ease of maintenance.

Standard drive systems: Diesel hydraulic and live steam
Gauge: 36" (915mm)
Min. Radius: 164' 1" (50m)
Max. gradient pulling four fully laden coaches: 1.5%
Coach seating capacity: 80 adults
Train capacity with four coaches: 320 adults
Min. rail weight: 40 - 50lb/yard (18-23kg/metre)
Coach Style: Open & Fully Enclosed
Dimensions Height Length Width
Locomotive and Tender 10’ 10”(3297mm) 44' (13418mm) 6' 4" (1920mm)
Coaches 11' 8" (3560mm) 46’7"(14210mm) 8' 4" (2550mm)
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