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The Severn Lamb Lincoln Locomotive effectively combines the elegance of a bygone age with the efficiency of modern components.

The driver is seated in his comfortable cabin and protected from the elements, and has a single lever to control both speed and direction. Simple to operate and maintain the Lincoln offers a high capacity train ride of as many as 192 adult/child passengers in four coaches on flat track. As with all Severn Lamb products a number of customising options are offered.

Standard drive systems: Diesel Hydraulic, LPG Hydraulic or Electric
Gauge: 24" (610mm)

Min. Radius (4.4.0)

98' 5' (30m)

Min. Radius (4.2.2)

49' 3' (15m)
Max. gradient pulling four full coaches: 3%
Coach seating capacity: 33 or 36 adults
Train capacity with four coaches: 144 adults
Min. rail weight: 30lb/yard - 15kg/metre
Coach Style: Open & Fully Enclosed
Dimensions Height Length Width
Locomotive and Tender 7' 10"' (2382mm) 32' 9" (9971mm) 5' 0" (1530mm)
Coaches 7' 7" (2305mm) 25' 11"(7900mm) 5' 1" (1548mm)
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