Severn Lamb – SL Land Train – Marwell Zoo

Posted 14th November 2019

Following the recent success of numerous other SL Land Trains commissioned around the UK during 2019, Marwell Zoo are one of the latest to join the ranks, with their own attraction now open for business.

A striking royal blue has been used to finish the vehicle which boasts three elegant carriages, hauled by our Euro 6 Diesel locomotive. A total passenger capacity of 60 allows ample room for visitors to experience the Zoo in complete comfort.

This robust workhorse can already be found helping guests navigate the park with ease, stopping at all the major enclosures and attractions along the way.

Like many of our clients Marwell had unique specifications for their own SL Land Train and it has subsequently been equipped to carry one standard sized wheelchair, accessible from the rear carriage ensuring that all passengers can enjoy the same viewing experience.

For those who need a little help getting around the grounds this has proved to be invaluable and is just one of many features we have on offer for our clients.

For more information please take a look at our Road Train product page which can be found under the Products section of our website.