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SL Land Train Re-Sale 2022

This road legal, classic style “Choo Choo” train has been listed on behalf a valued client of ours. Serving visitors since 2013 this vehicle is in excellent condition and offers a real bang for its buck.

A true work horse, this early version of the SL Land train, continues to be supported by Severn Lamb and is an ideal people mover for any attraction not looking to invest in the latest model but still seeking the reliability and functionality that our road trains have to offer. 

1 x Locomotive Specifications

  • Land Rover 5-cylinder diesel engine (2.4 Litre)
  • Mileage is 42,000 Km 
  • Left hand drive
  • Land Rover 131 chassis 
  • Power steering & power brakes 
  • Onboard electric compressor 
  • Automatic transmission 
  • Speed restricted & homologated for road use 
  • Permanent traction and 4x4 with disc brakes on all 4 wheels 
  • Brass traditional Bell Radio / CD player / & microphone Seat for guide 
  • GPS Auto Tourmaster 
  • Special slow vehicle warning beacon
3 x Carriage Specification
  • Weather treated chassis 
  • Aluminium structure and doors 
  • Removable sliding windows 
  • Seating capacity per carriage 20, total train capacity, up to 60
  • Aluminium nonslip floors 
  • Forward facing seating on padded benches 
  • Entry doors on both sides with central locking from loco 
  • Air suspension and carriage brakes 
  • Panoramic clear roofs 
  • Wheelchair accessibility with Aluminium sliding ramps 
  • Emergency stops call buttons 
  • Interior speakers and lighting 
  • Spare wheel for carriage 
  • Special vehicle beacon 
  • Advertising boards 
This unit is for sale for £120,000 GBP or nearest offer EXW UK, please contact us for more information! 

Please contact us for more information