Severn Lamb – SL Land Train – The National Railways Museum

Posted 15th November 2019

Our Latest SL Land Train has hit the streets of York and visitors to The National Railways Museum are now able to enjoy a whistle stop tour of the city’s historical sites and attractions.

This project has a particularly strong colour scheme with its black and bronze livery designed specifically to match the museums existing branding. With three enclosed carriages seating up to 60 passengers, NRM are now able to function all year round, with guests comfortably protected from the elements.

This tour will take visitors from The National Railways Museum across the city concluding at the Minster. This requirement called for our newest Euro 6 rated SL Land Train with all of our current models having undergone rigorous testing in order to meet road legal certifications throughout Europe.

For more information please take a look at our Road Train product page which can be found under the Products section of our website.