Severn Lamb Show Reel Promotional Video

Posted 18th October 2019

With the support of our clients around the world, we are proud to present our latest promotional video. Just in time for the IAAPA Expo Conference and Trade Show in Orlando Florida!

Our aim was to demonstrates the core product range and show the variety and depth of our products/services here at Severn Lamb. This short video will help existing and new customers stay up to date with our product range and the variations available.

The show reel covers our flagship park trains, SL road trains, amphibious passenger vehicles and Single/Double Deck Tracked Trolleys, the crowning glory for any attraction, shopping centre or city.

All four colours are shown in the video and one of our recent clients in Madinaty Egypt just couldn’t decide on one, so they now have one of each!

Keep your eyes peeled for a follow up article on this one of our most recent projects.