Severn Lamb’s Southend-on-Sea Success!

Posted 8th January 2020

Severn Lamb would like to announce our recent success in securing the prestigious Southend-on-Sea pier train contract!

Having undergone months of tendering we are excited at the prospect of bringing the piers beloved passenger train up to speed and into the 21st century. Construction of a new pier train is set for the middle of 2020 with plans to replace the current train in quarter one 2021.

Severn Lamb are no strangers to the pier having commissioned the current train back in 1986, which was opened by Princess Anne on the 2nd May and has stood the test of time ever since. This project was a roaring success and our two diesel locomotives have proven to be extremely capable/reliable for both the council and visitors alike for 33 years.

Looking to the future Southend-on-Sea will be going green and the new trains are set to be fully electric producing zero emissions.

Not only will these new models be more eco-friendly but they will also have the option to run with half as many carriages during off peak times. This will reduce running costs and give the council more freedom when planning yearly schedules.

To stay in keeping with all these new features the design will undergo the same treatment and offer passengers a fantastic viewing experience with large panoramic windows, a modern/contemporary design and lighting upgrades to name but a few cosmetic additions.

We are honoured to be working on this project again after many years and these completely custom designs are shaping up to be something truly special.